Galentines Day – Flower Crown

Galentines Day – Flower Crownfeatured

And we’re back today with some more Galentines ideas for you all.
Now we know that flower crown are all the rage these days but if there is one thing that any Galentines festivity needs its some flower crowns.
Also Carnations make awesome flower crowns cause they are so bright and full flowers that it makes making the flower crown really fast and easy.


What you need:

  • Flowers, any kind is generally fine but I suggest that they have a somewhat sturdy base secure to
  • Floristry wire or any thin wire
  • Floristry tape
  • Scissors



What to do:

Trim your flowers down leaving a 1-2cm length of stem to you flowers, this will help anchor the flowers to the wire.



Then cut a length of wire that is roughly the circumference of your noggin (head) and + about 5cm extra then twist the ends together to make a wire ring. If you have really thin wire you may want to wrap the wire around your head twice when measuring to add another level of strength.


Next, cut a length of floristy tape about 10cm long, with one hand hold a flower on top of the wire and then with the other hand place the tape on the flower and start wrapping the tape around the flower and the wire securing the flower to the wire. Then take another flower and continue wrapping the tape around the wire while overlapping the stems to make the crown more secure.


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