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Spiritual meets space seems to be everywhere right now. And that’s a good thing. We are seeing sharply cut crystals weaved with bold bright colours, tie-dyes and printed nebulae. It’s not a brand new trend but it is gathering some serious traction (about time!) in the real world and not just on catwalks and blogs. I adore the fusion of it found in fashion and home wares right now, modern with a hint of nineties nostalgia!

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Get the goods…

  1. Shannon Clark For DENY Cosmic Duvet Cover $129.00-$169.00
  2. Shannon Clark For DENY Cosmic Pillowcase – Set Of 2 $49.00
  3. ManiaMania The Astral Plane Campaign
  4. Crystal Mystics Choker $55.00
  5. Goddess Dream Catcher $115.00
  6. Solstice Ring $260.00
  7. Kindred Ring $69.00
  8. Amelia Head Jewellery $19.95

And this post’s namesake… Out into the Galaxy by Midnight Juggernauts. Such a great tune!

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