Flower Focus: Tulipfeatured

I’m so excited to introduce a new series I’ll be bringing you over the next couple of weeks/months/years/millennia.
Now, I am no expert by any means, and I have to give full credit to my best friend and favourite brother Timothy for teaching me soooo many things about growing flowers, which mostly involves me sending him a picture of a flower asking if I can grow it here in Sydney, I usually get a reply “No, too hot :( ” but I am yet to find a flower or plant he doesn’t know of.
But, I am very lucky and have a flower encyclopaedia for a brother but unfortunately most people don’t, so introducing Flower Focus In this series I will attempt to give you a quick rundown of flowers that are not only great for making bouquets but also are usually super easy to grow with a little bit of knowledge and some liquid fish emulsion.

I give to you our first Flower Focus : The Tulip.

Flower Focus- Tulip


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