Finders Keepers Sydney Wrap Up

Finders Keepers Sydney Wrap Upfeatured

I’ve attended nearly every Finders Keepers Market in Sydney, but this was my first year behind the scenes with our very own stall for The Hop & Grain! It was a heck of a lot of hard work getting everything over there not to mention the insane amount of hours that went into the lead up getting our products ready.


If you noticed Erin was holding the fort over here at the blog last week, that’s why! I spent my evenings bagging hops and my days milling and bagging grains. BUT it was all worth it! We had a great time at the market (despite the fact that both me and the hubby are now sick with the flu from the cold) and met some pretty awesome people – both stall holders and customers.

finders keepers wrap up

finders keepers wrap up

So here’s a little peak at our stall – we saved a fair amount of time by using easy to assemble (at least, some of it was) shelving. Our products aren’t exactly light, so we had to go with something sturdy and strong without needing to be attached to wall because its against the market rules.

finders keepers wrap up

finders keepers wrap up


Huge thanks go to Erin and my baby sister Michelle for all their hard work in helping set up and greet customers on the first day. And to the Mealings Sr (aka Sam’s parents) for helping pack up! It was hours of hard work but you all lightened the load!

Were you at the market? What was your favourite stall? Let us know in the comment section below!

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