DIY Wall Travel Map

DIY Wall Travel Mapfeatured

Want some creative travel inspiration for your wall? I’m going to share a tutorial on how to create your own inspirational wall decoration, including a map to show where you have travelled and a map/images of where you would like to travel. Here’s how to spice up your workspace and get inspired!


1. Get on Pinterest

Which places do you want to visit next? My next trip will be Mexico and Cuba! Type your destinations into the search box and choose some good looking photos that make you feel excited, then arrange them in your image editing program of choice. I also labelled each image with the location.


2. Google Map your trip

One function of Google Maps that not many people are aware of is that you can create your own customised map. For instructions, head here.


3. Print and colour a blank map

I found this world map on Google Images, you can download it here. I had to draw around the country edges with a black felt tip pen as the lines were a little faint. Once you have your map ready, use a highlighter to colour the places you’ve been. Colouring in each country you visit is a huge novelty!

Now arrange the maps and images on your wall. I used blu-tac, but you could also use a cork board or pin board. Have fun and get creative!



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