DIY Tri-foil Earringsfeatured


We’ve got a really simple DIY project for your Friday.
They are so quick and easy to make you’ll be making them for your friends in no time!


Oven bake Polymer clay
Earring backs
Foil leaf (pretty sure they only come in Gold, Silver & Copper or Bronze)
PVA glue or Leaf seize
Super Super Glue (super works fine too)
2 brushes, one to apply the glue and one you will keep dry to apply the leaf.


1. Pinch off a small pea size amount of clay and mould into your desired stud shape.
2. Place the clay onto a baking tray and bake for the specified time on the clay packaging.
3. Once cooked and cool, glue the earring backs onto the back of the clay.
4. Then paint each earring with a thin layer of glue, then cut a small square and and apply the foil leaf by gently laying it over the centre of of the earring with the glue side up then carefully with your dry brush pat down the foil till it’s wrapped around the stud completely.
5. Wait till they’re dry and then BAM! New earrings to make all yo friends jelly!


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