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Who doesn’t like mustard?! I mean talk about flavour country! I’ve never thought about making my own mustard before but when I read some of the ingredients (preservative city!) I though how hard can it be really? Answer: not very hard at all, just a bit of time and some elbow grease or one of those fan-dangled food processors!



1 packet or 100grams of Black Mustard seeds
1 packet or 100grams of Yellow Mustard seeds
250mls of white vinegar
Pinch of salt
Pinch of sugar



Pour both packets of mustard seeds into a bowl or jug and then add your vinegar.


mustard-soakNext cover your vessel in plastic wrap and leave for 12-24 hours to absorb the vinegar


Once the mustard seeds have soaked up most of the vinegar (you can strain off some of it if it doesn’t soak it all up) pour the seed and vinegar mixture into a mortar and pestle or food processor. (Side note: using a food processor will really grind up your seeds so if your making wholegrain mustard and you want it to be grainy and not smooth go easy on the whizzin’, just sayin!)

Add your salt and sugar and give a good bashing. I only bashed mine a little and had a taste and thought “It doesn’t really taste like anything” but I kept smashing it up to crush up more of the seeds and low and behold after about 5 mins of grinding it in a mortar and pestle it started to taste good! I’ve read some recipes that say you can add some mustard powder but I didn’t feel like mine needed it, but feel free to add a tsp or so depending on your taste.


Thats it! Now store your mustard in a clean airtight jar and spread liberally on yo next sandwich or in patata salad!


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