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I’m so very sure this has been done before because there is nothing new under the sun, but the other day I was in a fabric store and spotted some of that bright pom pom trim that is so versatile and felt the need to attach it to a top! And since we are experiencing a 90s resurgence in the fashion department, naturally that top had to be cropped. Also, this is supposed to be Autumn but we still are having some seriously hot days so I’m making the most of it while I can. This is also super easy! If you’re a beginner sewer, fear not!

You’ll need…

  • A singlet or t-shirt to be cut up
  • Pom pom trim
  • Thread in the colours of your
  • Sewing machine

Lucky me, I found the perfect loose singlets (though you could go for something tight and sleeved) for just $5.00. I snagged 3 of them – 2 are for the pom pom post, the other is for one I’ll make very soon! So with my red and navy blue singlets, I bought a piece of yellow and purple trim. If you’re a basic sewer (like me…) then you’ll want to find a fabric without too much stretch. Mine was perfect in that it was a loose fitting top to begin with so the fabric hangs nicely when cropped. I used an existing crop top to get the length right, and double checked it by pinning it up and trying it on.


I wear a fair few high waisted skirts and shorts and checked it with one to make sure that it lined up nicely. Once you’re happy with the length, cut about an inch and and half  away from it so you’ve got something to make a rolled hem with. Unless you have an overlocker, in which case lucky you. I am envious.


Once you’ve snipped that fabric, take to ironing board with gusto! As mentioned, I am sans overlocker, so a rolled hem is the way to go. This basically means you fold it over once all the way around, ironing it in once you are happy with the width. Check that it is even on back and front. Then roll it over a second time to hide the rough edge of the fabric. This will stop it from fraying in the wash! Iron it and pin as you to make sure everything stays in place.



I’m assuming you’ve threaded your machine with appropriate colours so we can stitch that hem in place. I’ve just used a standard straight stitch, going all the way around, ensuring both layers of the hem are stitched. When you’ve finished hemming, give it a try and make sure you are happy with the length. If you want it short, hem it again! If you want it longer…start again?


Now we take our length of pom pom trim and pin it in place on the hem, pinning the border on the outside of the top. If you don’t want it to be seen, pin it to the inside, but personally I like the detail so I’m showing it off. Stitch it, stitch it real good!

DIY Pom Pom Crop Top - The Makers Society

Ok… finished? Ta dah!



diy-pompom-top-06 diy-pompom-top-05




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