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Flava, Tell me what’s your Flava! (Yep, that’s right that’s a Craig David reference right there!) If you’re looking to add extra flavour and dimension to your cooking, flavoured salts are a great way to do it!
These 2 simple flavour combos will unlock the flavour profiles needed so you can level up to unlock The Impressing Your Friends at Dinner Challenge.
It also couldn’t be simpler.

Here’s what you need:

1 lime
3 small chillies
1 lemon
3 sprigs of thyme
Salt Flakes
Mortar & Pestle
Air tight jars

Please feel free to add or subtract the flavour quantities as you may prefer to add more chilli to you salt or more lemon, which ever takes your fancy.

For the Lime + Chilli Salt

Zest your lime, and chop up your chillies. Add around 3 tbs of salt flakes into your mortar and pestle along with your lime and chilli.
A’IGHT! Hammer time.
Ok maybe not hammer but pummel time doesn’t have the same ring to it!

Lime + Chilli salt would be perfect on some Mexican Street Corn with loads of coriander (king of the herbs!)


For the Lemon + Thyme Salt

Zest your lemon, and pinch all the thyme leaves off the woody stems. Add around 3 tbs of salt flakes into your mortar and pestle along with your lemon and thyme.
Yep you guessed it. Pestle it son!

Lemon + Thyme salt would be perfect to add an extra level to Roast Vegetables.


Easy peasy, right?!
So if you’ve got some air tight jars I highly suggest you keep your salts in those to stop moisture getting to them, and I also want full credit when you friends commend you on your awesome cooking skillz!

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