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Well this is a super quick and easy one for you folks today! And as soon as I saw these ice cube trays I knew exactly what to do with them. Not make Ice Cubes!


What you need

Plaster of paris
Silicone Ice cube tray or mould (I used this one)
Paint, can be spray or tube we’re not fussy
Strong magnets
Super glue


What to do

• In a plastic container mix the plaster of paris according to the instructions, usually a 2:1 ratio of plaster to water.
• Pour into your tray or mould and wait around 5-6 hours or till completely dry.


• Either spray or simply paint your plaster magnets and again play the waiting game.
• Once dry, apply a small amount of glue to the back of you magnet and press firmly onto the back of your plaster gemstones :)



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