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Do you love IKEA? Of course you do, who doesn’t?!
But sometimes IKEA furniture might just need a lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’ to bring it over to the craftside!
So I give you the Button stool. All you need to make this stool is a basic IKEA stool, a piece of wood (and someone handy to cut it into a circle for you) and some rope/twine/string/yarn. Easy peasy.



What you need:

  • IKEA MARIUS Stool: This stool already has holes in the top that are necessary to make the button style work.
  • Tracing/baking paper + pen
  • A piece of ply wood minimum 45cm wide + a jigsaw to cut it with.
  • Sandpaper
  • 1 metre of rope/twine/string. Anything that is relatively sturdy to keep your wood in place on the stool.
  • Optional: you may wish to glue the wood down on to the base of the stool if you think it will get regular use like in a kids room.


What to do:

  • Assemble your IKEA chair as per the instructions (good luck deciphering them!)
  • Flip your chair over and with a piece of tracing paper between your plywood and the chair, mark the circumference of the chair and also the where the holes are placed with your pen. This will give you a guide as to where the drill the holes.


  • Cut the circumference of the circle and the button holes out of the tracing paper, then using the paper as your guide, mark the positioning or the holes onto the wood
  • Next with a jigsaw cut out the circle and sand the edge to make it smooth
  • Then with a 20-25mm hole drill bit drill the the button holes


Then thread your rope through the wood and the chair holes to make it look like a button, but then there are soooo many options as to how you can thread the rope through.

If you can pick one, secure the rope by tying a double knot on the underside of the chair (you may also wish to glue down the wood to the chair if you want to make it more secure.)

Big thanks to my dad Brian for understanding my weird instructions and helping me cut out my “wood circles”

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