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Flower Focus: Freesia

Flower Focus: Freesiafeatured

You know it, I know it, We ALL KNOW IT! It’s the Freesia this week, and if you can conjure up memories of the first scents of spring this is probably what you’re smelling. There is a reason why this is a favourite among so many of us! The Freesia is a beautiful, delicate flower that Read more

Flower Focus: Dahlia

Flower Focus: Dahliafeatured

Ah The Dahlia. I’m yet to find one as big as MY head (it’s pretty big) but nothing compares to the brilliance and variety of Dahlias. The Dahlia consists of around 30 species of tuberous-rooted perennials and subshrubs and they belong to the daisy (Asteraceae) family. They are incredibly easy to grow and the best part about Read more

Flower Focus: Tulip

Flower Focus: Tulipfeatured

I’m so excited to introduce a new series I’ll be bringing you over the next couple of weeks/months/years/millennia. Now, I am no expert by any means, and I have to give full credit to my best friend and favourite brother Timothy for teaching me soooo many things about growing flowers, which mostly involves me sending Read more