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Toolbox Series: Catherine Alenka

Toolbox Series: Catherine Alenkafeatured

If you’re a regular visitor at Makers Society, you may remember that few weeks back we posted a fun little photoshoot with Catherine. She’s back again this week give us a peak inside her toolbox and showing us what it takes to create all those beautiful dresses! And like our previous toolbox post, Catherine has a day job Read more

Toolbox Series: Katherine Sabbath

Toolbox Series: Katherine Sabbathfeatured

If you don’t follow this weeks Toolbox creative then you are seriously missing out!! Katherine Sabbath has an instagram account that would make Willy Wonky jealous (he would probably get some great ideas too). High School teacher and part time magician, Kat has a serious eye for colourful creations and has admirers around the globe Read more

Toolbox Series: Nia Neve

Toolbox Series: Nia Nevefeatured

Well leme just say that if there is a nicer person than Nia, I haven’t met them! (but I would like to, if you know them) And top put the cherry on top of this extra tasty sundae, she’s a super creative but also a paralegal so you know… not just a hat rack! She Read more

The Toolbox: Bianca Virtue

The Toolbox: Bianca Virtuefeatured

Do you ever see an Instagram that is just so well curated you can’t help but like every single picture they post? That’s exactly how we feel about today’s Toolbox guest, Bianca Virtue. It’s not a wonder, given that she is a stylist from Melbourne, and gets to play with awesome props and what nots for Read more

The Toolbox Series: Libby De Souza

The Toolbox Series: Libby De Souzafeatured

We’re back again with another peak into someone’s toolbox! This week, a personal favourite (because we’re the boss and we can have favourites if we want) of ours, Libby De Souza is back to share her wisdom. She’s currently living in Melbourne and when she’s not working, you can usually find her making cool stuff Read more

Toolbox Series: The Mega Creative

Toolbox Series: The Mega Creativefeatured

Argh we’re THIS excite for this weeks toolbox! Our newest bestie (yeah, we said it!) Erika Rax, mega creative is just that… A MEGA Creative. With the titles of stylist/baker/photographer/event co-ordinator/graphic designer under her belt/s it’s no wonder she’s in such hot demand. All round nice woman, you’ll wanna write down some of these tools she has cause Read more

Toolbox Series: The Photographer

Toolbox Series: The Photographerfeatured

Wellity Wellity. Here we are again and if there is anyone who’s toolbox you wanna rummage through its one hundo percent this talented chicka! So this week photographer Alana Dimou gives us the low down on her must haves in her toolbox. The Job What is you profession? Photographer How did you get into doing Read more

Toolbox Series: The Florist

Toolbox Series: The Floristfeatured

Good morning all! We’re excited because today we are introducing a brand new series! We have been thinking for a little while we’d like to a run a series about what people need/use everyday in their professions. We’re calling it the Toolbox Series, showing people from various professions and the tools they use to get through Read more