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5 Rainy Day Documentaries

5 Rainy Day Documentariesfeatured

With all this rain about in Sydney I’m feeling a little bit like Phyllis from The Office and “just want to curl up with a good book” but instead of a book I like to watch documentaries and these are some oldies but goodies that I thought I’d share with you. Sooo first up… FED UP Read more

Movie of the the Week: Sound City

Movie of the the Week: Sound Cityfeatured

Ok so I gues technically this isn’t a movie as it’s more of a documentary but you better get used to it cause ima throw a whole lotta docos in this category. A’ight Sound City, if you have a “To Watch List” put this at the top! Sound City is a documentary directed by your favourite foo fighter Read more

Movie of the week: The Kings of Summer

Movie of the week: The Kings of Summerfeatured

Ok I’m going to say it! My Favourite movie of 2013! Big call I know, but I loved everything about this movie. The storyline, the characters, the soundtrack, the cast, the locations, the humour (Nick Offerman with twin hand swords)… just all of it! ALL . OF . IT So the main storyline of this Read more

Movie of the week: Drinking Buddies

Movie of the week: Drinking Buddiesfeatured

Hey Guys, So, I’m introducing a new column to the blog today and its something I can get quite passionate about so bare with. Now, for those who know me, will know that I go to the movies  A LOT, probably about once a week. But I also like watching a lot of movies and Read more

The Crimson Wing

The Crimson Wingfeatured

Firstly, I’d like to point out that I watch A LOT of documentaries. Period. No matter the topic, I will most likely without hesitation, watch it. And, so how I came about this documentary I guess, it’s a long story. Also, secondly I’d like to add that I listen to A LOT of podcasts and Read more