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It’s probably just me, but I always seem to end up with a few essential items by my beside at all times.
And often if they’re not there I have a bit of a freak out when they go astray.
So here they are peep-stagramers, my little collection of what I gotsta have near me before I head to sleepsville.

One: Stationary. This is usually in the form of just old receipts (but they ain’t pretty) and a 2B pencil (cause they’re way more hip than 1B’s). But I often write my pen-pal buddy letters, and for that mumma’s gotta have some nice stationary.
Rifle Paper Co and Anna Rifle just slay me with her quirky style of illustrations and range of products. If you’re looking for a pen-pal (sorry I’m taken) but a friend of a friend of mine told me Rifle Paper Co are the crème de la crème. WERD.

Two: Indoor Plants. If you know me or have been in my room, you’ll know it’s filled with plants. Ferns, palms, philodendrons, terrariums.. oh my!
Indoor plants are proven to circulate and purify the air around you, so I hope I can say my air is so fresh and so clean. I often feel calmer at night when I have a plant by my bedside.

Three: Candles. I ALWAYS have a candle by my bedside. I like to think they’re my jumper cables in the back of my car. Except I don’t own jumper cables but if there is a black out or a bit of a funk in the air, I’ve got you covered + I can call NRMA.

Four: H2O. ALWAYS! I received a really cute carafe for Christmas from Kikki.K so there really is no excuse for not staying hydrated.

Five: Scissors. I’m constantly sewing buttons on, snipping out letters for ransom notes, embroidery, cutting knots out of my hair. So my little gold bird embroidery scissors often DO go wandering but they usually find their way back (usually around dinner time)

And of course there’s bobby pins, elastics, earphones, moustache comb, fake moustache and lipstick.
I could go on but that would be pretty boring.
Do you guys find you have a few things that always stay put?
You should tell me bout it (stud) so I don’t feel like I’m the only Milhouse.

Ta Ta, I’m off to the Beauty Salon.

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