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Hiya Gang!
It’s been a while, but I have a perfectly good excuse (promise)

Soooo werd on the street is…. I’M PUTTING ON A SHOW!

space 2

I Believe in Space, will be my first solo show, and will be a collection of works on the theme of “Space” (as in, outer!). Half the pieces are a collaborative effort — I asked people what they would say to a loved one if they were leaving on a mission to space, and turned those responses into artworks. These are also a collaboration with The Hungry Workshop, who have letterpress printed these works!space 1
The rest of the show are my own experiments with the theme of space, and with brush lettering.space 3
It’s on Tuesday the 9th of September from 6ish, at Blacklisted Gallery at Black Penny in Surry Hills. A second show is happening at Hungry’s on October 16 in Melbourne.

So if you’re free this tuesday night come on down and have a gander, or respectively pop on in to the Hungry Workshop on October 16th. See you there!!!space 4

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