By my Bedside : Leesafeatured


I knew I mustn’t be the only one! This time Leesa is compiling her list and letting us know what’s what and who’s Da boss on her bedside. With no further ado… Bake ‘em away Toys!

One: My perfume collection
Currently this collection includes Marc Jacobs Cucumber, Marc Jacobs Dotti, Marc Jacobs Lola, Lancome’s Tresor Midnight Rose and Elizabeth Ardon’s Mediterranean. I’m generally pretty picky, so this collection didn’t happen over night. I also adore J’adore and wore that for a little while back when I was dating my now hubby. I have wonderful memories attached to that scent! Daisy, another Marc Jacobs, is my absolute favourite but I recently finished the bottle!

Two: Reading glasses!
They bounce between my bedside and handbag since I also need then for work/reading. This pair was purchased fairly recently as my prescription got bounced up a little. I love them so for their lens height and coloured frame. When I work I generally have a sketch book by the keyboard and a big monitor and with these babies I can take it all in!

Three: Handcream
Some lovely friends gave me a few Aesop products for my birthday last May and since then I got addicted to this handcream. I’ve got slightly sensitive skin and get clammy hands so I don’t use it every single night or my skin cracks and peels. Once every few days keeps them feeling soft and I adore the smell!

Four: Sleeping mask
I’m not the best sleeper and have a little sleeping mask I pop on when the lights are annoying me. I’ve been using it less these days but it comes and goes and she’s still on top of my bedside table!

Five: Kindle
Ah my darling kindle. You’re my real friend. Not really, but sort of. I’ve have my Kindle 2 since my 20th birthday – four years and still going strong. She’s filled with books and I can always get more and I love her for that. After living in a tiny apartment when we first got married, I realised I could no longer just buy more books and put them on the bookshelf. We were running out of space so my genius husband bought me a kindle! What a good boy!

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