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This week artist/illustrator/embroiderer/mega talent/designer Jordan Clarke is giving us her top 5 thangs she needs by her bedside.

One: Knock Knock Journal “I’m Doing My Best”
I started journaling a few years ago after resisting it since I was a teenager (seriously, how embarrassing are old diary entries when your re-read them?!). Now I regularly write down my thoughts and find I get amazing clarity and perspective on my life. Right now I’m scribbling away into this tongue-in-cheek journal. The quote on the front is HILARIOUS. Who wouldn’t want to come back in their next life as a golden retriever? (check out the entire quote on their website and you’ll see what I mean)

Two: Floral iPad 360 case
Right now I’m in between homes and without wifi. But when I do have that delightful lifeline available I’m a sucker for tv shows in bed. But it’s also great for ebooks. I love this case, not only because its pretty, but you can twist the tablet from landscape to portrait depending on what you’re doing. Handy.

Three: Taschen – The Circus
Not exactly a pocket sized beside book, this gigantic tome has to sit on the floor when I’m not flicking through its pages. I’m working on a massive personal artwork with this exact theme, so it’s a great inspiration. Set aside about 3 hours to flick through it front to back, it’s hard not to keep turning the pages and poring over all the gorgeous retro photos and vintage prints. Total escapism. 

Four: L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream
I have quite a few hand creams in my bag and around the studio but this is still my favourite. It reminds me of baby powder, which I to equate with cleanliness, so that can only be a good thing. I’m still working my way through this huge tube – it seems it won’t end!

Five: DIY potted succulent
I picked a small coastal succulent cutting (called Pigface, love that) when I went on a solo camping trip. It’s a lovely reminder of that time. And I love planting in old tins and cans. I’m big on upcycling where I can! This was a St. Dalfour tuna lunchpack which I seriously only bought so I could use the gorgeous tin for this exact purpose. This lil’ guy used to sit on my desk at my old house but now he’s beside my bed, with daily trips outside for sunshine.


You guys should definitely check Jordan’s clever work out here if you haven’t already. She can also be found at these well known sources of internet funtimes!

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