By my Bedside: Becfeatured


This week Bec give us an insight into what our flower friend, has to have by her bedside.

One: Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Balm
I have been obsessed with Aesop for years, from their package design, to their stores, to the product itself. I get really gross hands from working with flowers (trust me it is not a glamorous job!) and just love using this Geranium Leaf body balm. It smells amazing and is a natural product. I’m quite against using anything with chemicals if I can especially when it goes on your skin, and I am certainly against using anything that is tested on animals and Aesop don’t. So it may be on the pricey side but I think it’s worth it.

Two: Inspiration Books
I don’t have much time for reading novels but I love flicking through visual books for inspiration.
Normally I swap between books and have a flick through before bed to dream up some ideas. The Flower Recipe book by Studio Choo is one of my faves. (Erin – Bec! I have this book too! I can see a floristry book swapsies in our future!)

Three: Flowers and Plants
You’d think as a florist you’d get sick of flowers but nope they’re always in my room and around the house along with many plants. I’d like to live in an indoor garden if it was possible. These are some beautiful local garden roses in my room right now, probably my favourite bloom.

Four: Palm Beach Collection Coconut & Lime soy candle
There’s something about this Coconut and Lime candle that I can’t live without. It really reminds me of holidays and I always light it when I need some zen time when I get home from a hard days work.

Five: Ziggy
If he’s not sprawled across the bed then he’s generally sitting beside it most of the time.


Thanks Bec. Next week we’ll have another By my Bedside instalment, or if you would like to let us know what you keep by your bedside, send some sisters a comment below yo!


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