A Prettier Instagram Feed – Part 1 – Apps

A Prettier Instagram Feed – Part 1 – Appsfeatured

Need to jazz up your Instagram feed and dress her in her Sunday best? Well here are just a few great apps that can help you with that! Most are free or 99C! Such a bargain.


I bet you’ve seen this hashtag and wondered what it stood for. VSCO or Visual Supply Co have created a great camera and photo editing app and if you’re not using it already, then you probably should get out from that rock your under and find signal so you can download it! It’s available for most Android 4.0+ and iOS devices. This one is also FREE!

Here’s some stunning examples VSCO Cam Instagram images taken from the curated VSCO grid:


Ever wondered how everyone gets those images that are wide or tall to fit nicely with a bit of white space? I personally use Instasize, though I’m certain there are a few others, I prefer it. It’s fairly minimal and you can even use it to create a small grid of images! Here’s some I prepared earlier…*said in a most salesman like voice*


This is one is handy if you want to have a round, triangle or hexagonal shaped image! I don’t use it all that often but I still think it’s pretty neat! Also free…




I think this kind of counts as free although you are better off upgrading to get one where you don’t have an Overgram logo watermark on your images when you export them. It’s great though, since you can customise the text, fonts, location and colour!

Check out some pretty examples…

A Beautiful Mess

This is such a lovely app from a wonderful blog – it has a pre-made phrases and fun borders to select from… just look! This baby is 99c but totally worth it!

These are just a few apps that I personally love! I’d love to hear what photo apps you use! Part 2 of this series is coming very soon.

Image sources: VSCO, Overgram #1, Overgram #2, A Beautiful Mess.

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