Apartment Livin’: Rugsfeatured


Buying a rug can be a super daunting task. Because 1: they can be expensive and 2: apparently there is a right and wrong way to choose a rug. Here are some great tips on styling a rug.
Some things I need to consider while look at decorating my apartment with a rug are, looking at the size and lighting of the room it will be in. I need a rug to brighten up my dimly lit living room which is also kind of narrow so I’m in the market for a either a super bright or pale rug. So here are my top 6 contenders for my rug companion.


  1. Ikea PS rug -$199
  2. Freedom Amity Floor rug – $399 (but on sale for $279!)
  3. West Elm Riad Floor Rug – $1399
  4. Milan Direct Coral Rose in Berry Rug – $229
  5. Dan300 Macaroons Rug – $695
  6. Freedom Melibu Floor Rug $399 (but on sale for $199!)

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