Amsterdam: A Photo Diary

Amsterdam: A Photo Diaryfeatured

Amsterdam was a city of countless narrow streets and winding waterways. A picturesque collection of colours in the form of brickwork and floral details.

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We slept on a passenger ship, moored on the fringe of one of the larger canals. The bedroom was a little on the small side, but the novelty factor more than made up for it.

Canals were lined with houseboats, in an effort to pack in more people than the city could hold. Long and flat sightseeing vessels cruised slowly under bridge arches and white swans floated by unperturbed by the activity surrounding them.

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Bicycles lined the barriers along every canal. There were so many that in some areas they’d begun piling up. We’d never thought that bicycles could be used in so many functional (or ridiculous) ways. There were tandem bikes for transporting entire families and fitted out bikes for delivering goods. We discovered that over 30 bicycles are pulled from the waterways every single day.

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A walk down any street would bring us to a new and exciting area. Tall apartment buildings lined every street and featured decorative porches. Hooks protruded from from the roofs of these slanted buildings, winching furniture to upper floors as the staircases are often too narrow.

Bell towers dominate the skyline and chime pretty tunes at random hours of the day. Shops are only a few square metres inside, so tiny that only one shopper could enter at a time. The charismatic buildings of this unconventional city had charmed and captivated us.

Written by Ashlea, travel blogger for A Globe Well Travelled.

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