5 Summer Lovin’ Beach Reads

5 Summer Lovin’ Beach Readsfeatured

A beautiful summer means 1 thing – lots of beach visits! So in between dips into the ocean and applying another coat of sunscreen (Australian Sun, you evil SOB) this long weekend, you might be laying on your towel thinking to yourself, “if only I had a really good book to read!”. Well, fret no more because over the past few months, I’ve done the leg work for you a weeded out some seriously awful books and struck gold, not once but five times!

West by Lizzy Ford

If time travel and the Old West is your bag, then you are going to want to get your grubby paws on this one. It has a solid cast of characters, centring around 21st century college graduate Josie, who is sent back to the Old West Frontier in 1840s by Carter, a mysterious young man that may vaguely remind you of someone who gets around in a blue box… Add in an aloof but protective lead male, a cultural devision of Whites and Native Americans, all the social structure and rules of the 1800s, the mysterious disappearances of 3 women and a whole host of intense plot twists that climax in one big fat surprise and you’ve got yourself a pretty solid novel right here!

TLDR: It’s like Dr Who meets Back to the Future III!

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Black Moon Draw by Lizzy Ford

Yeah, ok so I kind of went on a Lizzy Ford bender after the success of West. Or was it the other way around? I can’t remember because I was so deeply sucked down the story book hole I just couldn’t stop! An introverted bookseller spends her evening drinking wine and reading a book to ease the pain of her fiance dumping her. She wakes up inside the book, in a world so completely unlike her own! And that sounds ridiculous but it is told so well you can suspend your disbelief for the originality of the story, the excitement of the plot and the fluid writing style. There’s a prophecy, wizards, knights, battle scenes and of course romance! If you love a good fairy tale, then you’ll love this!!

TLDR: It’s like the Labyrinth meets GoT!

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Roomies by Lindy Zart

A little different to the two books above, this one is set in the real world. Without any need for world-building, it is a lighter read and instead focuses on the relationship of two best friends who live together. Kennedy, the quick witted, sharp tongued main character is in love with her best friend Graham, but of course he is unaware and unwilling to acknowledge that there is anything between them. When Graham’s brother Blake moves in with them though, things start to change. There is fairly minor dramatic situations (well compared to the previous books on this list) but it is in the writing style that tension is built and the amusing banter between Graham, Kennedy and Blake that really holds your attention. It does tread a fine line between new-adult and chick lit, so if you’re looking for a light romantic but entertaining read then this might be the book for you!

TLDR: It’s like a decent romantic comedy in book form!

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The Rest Falls Away

I’m currently deep into this series. Like 3 books into a 5 book series. So obviously I’m going to recommend it. There’s a lot going on in this one but essentially we follow Victoria Gardella, a 19 year old woman about to make her debut in 19th century London society in order to secure a husband. Or so her mother would like. Behind the scenes, Victoria is the latest in a long line of Gardellas to become a Venator or vampire hunter if you prefer. With the guidance of her aunt Eustacia, trainer Kritanu and another Venator, Meximilian Pesaro, she trains and hunts in secret. When Victoria falls for a civilian things get a little more complicated, add to that a devious vampire plot and of course drama ensues! The backdrop of 19th century London allows for some lovely and descriptive writing not to mention further complications as Victoria must navigate the social constrains and expectations all the while killing the big bad vampires!

TLDR: It’s like Jane Austen meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

You can buy the Kindle version free on Amazon here.

The Last Girl by Michael Adams

Holy shit sauce, this is a good book. You know when you’ve found something awesome because it sticks with you for days, sometimes weeks, after you’ve finished it. Let me start by saying, this is not a light or relaxing read. It’s punch you in the stomach intense and quite brutal! The first in a series, we start with one apocalyptic event called the Snap. It happens suddenly one Christmas morning, and that one moment everyone can now read each other thoughts within a radius of about 100km. Deep dark secrets are exposed, causing many to react in a violent and disturbing manners and society in general to crumble. Set in Sydney Australia, Danby, our lead, is now desperate to find her mother who lives in the Blue Mountains. I loved this, with it’s cinematic tones and incredibly dark take on a world driven to Snap from the overuse of social media and constant need to connect.

TLDR: It’s like Tomorrow when the War Began meets an apocalypse with a dash of sci-fi.

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