5 Inspirational Go-to Blogs

5 Inspirational Go-to Blogsfeatured

Aiiiight, not too long ago Erin did a list of blogs that we’d fallen in love with… so now I guess its my turn!!

This is a list of my top 5 inspirational go-to blogs I’ve fallen head over mouse for! They’re apart of my go-to blog folder, ones I’ll visit time and time again because they’re drool worthy, inspirational and consistently awesome.

5 Inspirational go-to blogs - Emiko Davies

1. Emiko Davies Blog

Beautiful photography, extensive catalogue of recipes, and a whole lot of love has gone into this blog which just fills me with joy everytime I visit. The food has a focus on Italian (totally find by me!) which makes sense since she’s lived in Florence, Tuscany for seven years.
GO THERE FOR: Italian recipes, food styling, food photography, food!!!

5 Inspirational go-to blogs - Fashionist

2. Fashionist

An oldie but a goldie for me. Street fashion blogs come and go, but I’ve loved this blog for always. For anyone who has never met me, I have slight clothing obsession. It’s not as bad as it was, but I still love them so. I can remember staying up late in uni break just pouring over this blog, studying each person’s individual style and reading the occasional mini bio.
GO THERE FOR: Street fashion… it’s essentially people watching and fashion, so what could be better?

5 inspirational go-to blogs - The Crafted Life

3. The Crafter Life

This. Shit. Right. Here. Beautifully styled DIY posts, some original, some a collection of inspiration. I’m not going to deny, when it comes to blogs, I’m a bit of a snob. There! I said! But I like well shot images (no, I don’t want to see blurry unfocused bits of wool on a messy backdrop!) that excite me and practical DIY’s that I will/can actually make. Again, hours, nay days, were spent on this baby. Stunning.
GO THERE FOR: Craft inspiration, DIY projects, Styling tips

5 Inspirational Go-to Blogs - Wit and Delight

4. Wit & Delight

This is the ultimate combo-nano (this is what we call it when you order Naan bread with both cheese AND garlic – sheer decadence) of blogs, with fashion, design, interiors and products. It’s lovely to look at, alway well curated! And she has a hot-to-trot Instagram account as well!
GO THERE FOR: Inspiration! She also does a mean mix tape!

5 Inspirational Go-to blogs - Luisa Brimble

5. Luisa Brimble’s Journal

If you haven’t heard of Luisa Brimble, then do you maybe live under a rock? She’s an incredibly talented lady, one who I’ve silently followed on both the Twits and Instagram for a while now! I say silently because I’m so intimidated by her talent that I just can never think of anything intelligent to say! Her blog is filled with stunning images and handy insight. Side note: Look out for Alphabet Journal, Luisa’s soon to be launched magazine!
GO THERE FOR: Food styling, Food photography, Lifestyle Photography, all things beautiful!

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