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We’re making Waffles!!

We’re making Waffles!!featured

So if there is one breakfast/ all time food that I can’t get enough of it waffles! So when Leesa and her husband Sam bought me a waffle maker, we set out to make waffles for breakfast lunch & brinner. To make some delicious waffles you’ll need Ingredients3/4 cup plain flour1/4 cup cornflour or cornstarch1/2 tsp baking Read more

5 Rainy Day Documentaries

5 Rainy Day Documentariesfeatured

With all this rain about in Sydney I’m feeling a little bit like Phyllis from The Office and “just want to curl up with a good book” but instead of a book I like to watch documentaries and these are some oldies but goodies that I thought I’d share with you. Sooo first up… FED UP Read more

Minty Moscow Mule

Minty Moscow Mulefeatured

Okay, I know it’s Australia Day this Monday and it’s the long weekend, but I’m not writing an instructional post on how to play Goon of Fortune (hang a goon bag on a clothes line, spin and drink). Partly, because it’s pretty basic, but mostly because…ew. So if you feel like having a relatively civilised ‘Straya Day, try Read more

5 Summer Lovin’ Beach Reads

5 Summer Lovin’ Beach Readsfeatured

A beautiful summer means 1 thing – lots of beach visits! So in between dips into the ocean and applying another coat of sunscreen (Australian Sun, you evil SOB) this long weekend, you might be laying on your towel thinking to yourself, “if only I had a really good book to read!”. Well, fret no more because over Read more

Crusty French Style Bread

Crusty French Style Breadfeatured

If you have always wanted to bake your own bread but didn’t know where to start, this is the recipe for you! You can knead the dough by hand if you don’t have a mixer with dough hooks and you don’t need a bread maker – an oven is just perfect! So minimum outlay for Read more

Book Snobbery 101

Book Snobbery 101featured

Several months ago, my best friend started gushing about a book called The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. She said it was a very sweet story that she loved so much and wanted to reread as soon as she finished it and that I really should read it. My reaction? A lot of Read more

One-Jar Chimichurri Recipe

One-Jar Chimichurri Recipefeatured

Haling from Argentina, Chimichurri (for those not in the know) is a green sauce that is often served on grilled meat. The traditional Argentinean version usually contains finely chopped parsley, minced garlic, olive oil, oregano and white/red vinegar. We’ve also included coriander and a few other extra elements that really expand on the flavour. The Read more

2015: New Year, New Resolutions!

2015: New Year, New Resolutions!featured

So we are back in 2015! Hopefully everyone had an enjoyable break, relaxing with family and friends and enjoying the beautiful summer sunshine. Did you make a list of resolutions yet? We know we sure have! 2014 was our first year and we are proud of what we accomplished in that amount of time given Read more