2015: New Year, New Resolutions!

2015: New Year, New Resolutions!featured

So we are back in 2015! Hopefully everyone had an enjoyable break, relaxing with family and friends and enjoying the beautiful summer sunshine. Did you make a list of resolutions yet? We know we sure have!

2014 was our first year and we are proud of what we accomplished in that amount of time given that Erin was busy changing jobs and moving house, working full time, while Leesa was freelancing and starting the Hop & Grain with Sam. In the past 12 months we created Makers Society, hosted 4 workshops and 1 Bakeswap, attended some other great events and were even nominated for a Blogster Award (Right!!?)! We got to meet lots of lovely new people and expand our styling and photographic skills as well as our social media skills. And we appreciate each and every one of you that have liked, tweeted, shared, pinned or simply read any of our posts in that time!

So, to begin 2015 the right way, we have compiled a short list of resolutions for Makers Society that we thought we might share with you!

1. Be Original & Stay True

We do all of our own original content (from coming up with a project/recipe/article to writing, styling, photographing and editing!) already, but in 2015 we want to continue to push ourselves to create new and better content than the year before. Not only more DIYs, recipes, interviews with fellow makers, but better! Just take what we are doing and continue to grow and improve our own skills and stay true to what we have created!

We are proud to say that our content is basically 95% organic (meaning, we come up with it, without prompting), with about 5% of it being specific to a holiday or festive event (i.e. gift guides) but even then, we do it our way. We want to continue to maintain that high level of content that we produce. We believe that less is more, so while we may not post every single day, we want to guarantee that what we do produce is something we can be proud to put our name to.

2. Learn More

This might sound generic (and it kinda is) but the other side to making is learning. To do something right and well you need to learn about, both in the traditional sense of reading up and in the practical sense of learning by doing. We want to take on challenges and come away with more knowledge! So learning more is a big one for us! Learn more about photography, more about styling, baking, growing, creating! Learn all the skills!!!

3. Do & See More

Again, this covers a multitude of areas, but doing more, getting out there and going to things or hosting events or just getting in the car and having a road trip that allows you to see things you don’t normally see. That way we can come back to the blog with a fresh perspective!

4. Share the Knowledge

After all, isn’t that what Makers Society is really all about? If we can get more people involved and create more opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and skills then we will have really fulfilled our purposes. And we don’t just mean teaching something small but really taking on a new set of skills!

5. Give Back

If we can somehow find a way to work with other like-minded Makers in order to give back – this could be something small like volunteering our time on a community project, or larger scale like organising a fundraising event.

There’s a lot more that we could add to this list but if we keep it simple, maybe just maybe, we will get to the end of 2015 and be able to say we knocked a few items of our list! What were your resolutions? Leave them below!

Happy New Year, fellow makers! 

xx Leesa & Erin

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