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Wishlist: the Crafter

Wishlist: the Crafterfeatured

Let’s face it – this really is our wishlist. We want all of the things! Perfect for getting our make on, yo. There’s some seriously neat gift ideas on here for the crafty types that will get them excited for a new year of making things. I highly recommend the paper making kit. If you’ve Read more

Wishlist: the Chef Baker Cook

Wishlist: the Chef Baker Cookfeatured

This one is for the all-rounder in the kitchen. The one who is always experimenting with new and exciting recipes or creating something completely from scratch. I love the idea of creating a gift out of our specific recipe! You could go all out and get everything required, from cookware to ingredients plus a recipe book Read more

Wrap Up: The Great Bake Swap

Wrap Up: The Great Bake Swapfeatured

Wow! What an amazing Sunday we just had! Makers Society hosted it’s first ever Bake Swap over at the Hop & Grain Brew Store in Enmore. This was an invite-only event as we were testing the waters and just hoping someone would turn up. Lucky for us, everyone really loved the idea and put so Read more

Wishlist: The Green Thumb

Wishlist: The Green Thumbfeatured

Alright, this list is totally not for me. I mean, I wish it was and I love everything on it and perhaps maybe if I got one or two items off here I’d be a better gardener. Really though, I’m the great neglectorino. If you or someone you love is well into the gardening or wants Read more

Wishlist: the Bartender

Wishlist: the Bartenderfeatured

I cannot be alone in being a secret at home bartender! There has to be more of you out there, loving to try out new concoctions and whipping out the cocktail shaker at a moments notice. If this sounds like you or someone you know, then maybe check out today’s collection of gift ideas for Read more

Wishlist: the Homebody

Wishlist: the Homebodyfeatured

To help you out with the Christmas shopping, we’ve put together a series of wishlists for a few different ‘types’ of people. We’re kicking it off with the Homebody. You know the type, they prefer to sit at home with a good book (or tv series), a cup of tea and be left to their own Read more

A traveller’s guide to holiday reading

A traveller’s guide to holiday readingfeatured

Well Hello there! I’m Vanessa and I’m just going to start off by saying “I LOVE BOOKS!” No, not like your grandma “loves” to knit like I’ll devour a book in a day (maybe even half a day)! SO when Makers asked me to write some a list of some of my books to read Read more

Midweek Meal: Gnocchi Basil Pesto

Midweek Meal: Gnocchi Basil Pestofeatured

I’m stepping in for Nikita this week with the Midweek Meal and sharing one of my all-time favourite, super quick and easy dinners. This is a variation on regular pesto, replacing the cream with avocado for a healthier take. The key element to getting the this right is a food processor! Speeds the process up Read more

How to make New York Style Bagels

How to make New York Style Bagelsfeatured

Over the weekend, I made the brave leap to making my own bagels at home alone, from scratch and this currently stands as my greatest accomplishment ever. I’m so completely thrilled with the results. Little bit of background about me – I love carbs in their bready forms. I’ve been to New York twice and both Read more

Midweek Meal: Homemade Pasta with Cheesy Meatballs

Midweek Meal: Homemade Pasta with Cheesy Meatballsfeatured

This week we are doing something really simple combined with something a bit harder… Cheesy meatballs and fresh pasta, and yes it is all from scratch! Making pasta is one of those things that takes a little bit of time but is totally worthwhile! The result is something better than store bought, not to mention Read more