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Garden Inspired Dinner Party Floral Arrangement

Garden Inspired Dinner Party Floral Arrangementfeatured

Have a Spring dinner party coming up? Want to learn how to create a wild garden inspired arrangement in a vessel that is sustainable and environmentally friendly? Then here we go… So I must say I’m a florist that isn’t a massive fan of green floral foam… Firstly when it’s broken up the stuff gets Read more

Meet Catherine, the 60s Sweetheart

Meet Catherine, the 60s Sweetheartfeatured

If you are into crafting, diy and fashion then something tells me you may have heard of Catherine Alenka from the blog, Sewing the 60s. If not, then get ready to be seriously impressed! I had the pleasure of meeting Catherine, having a lovely chat and taking just a some fun snaps of three of the dresses Read more

Toolbox Series: Nia Neve

Toolbox Series: Nia Nevefeatured

Well leme just say that if there is a nicer person than Nia, I haven’t met them! (but I would like to, if you know them) And top put the cherry on top of this extra tasty sundae, she’s a super creative but also a paralegal so you know… not just a hat rack! She Read more

Hexagon Colour Block Cushion

Hexagon Colour Block Cushionfeatured

If there’s one thing any abode needs it an abundance of cushions and my apartment is no exception. So here is another to throw on the pile! What you’ll need • This template • 6 30cm x 30cm squares of different fabric + 40cm x 40cm square of backing fabric • A large button, this Read more

Vote for Us!!

Vote for Us!!featured

Good news everyone! Our crazee little blog has been nominated by some awesome folks for the Pedestrian TV Blogster Award! (Whut, the WHUT?) That’s right, but this fun bus won’t drive itself to the podium, so we need some help from you our lovely readers!!!! If you would be so kind to click here and hit the Read more

I Believe in Space!

I Believe in Space!featured

Hiya Gang! It’s been a while, but I have a perfectly good excuse (promise) Soooo werd on the street is…. I’M PUTTING ON A SHOW! I Believe in Space, will be my first solo show, and will be a collection of works on the theme of “Space” (as in, outer!). Half the pieces are a Read more

Mini Project: Ombre Watercolour Wall Art

Mini Project: Ombre Watercolour Wall Artfeatured

I must admit, whenever I hear the words water colours I can’t help but think about this.That aside, this is a super quick project, one that you can do even if you are person lacking in the artistic department with just a couple of water colours and paint brushes and can freshen up your walls! What You’ll Need Read more

September Book Club

September Book Clubfeatured

I have one question right about now… where the heck did this year go? Seriously, 2014 is just flying by! When I wrote the title of this post I had to double check the date on the calendar to make sure I hadn’t just gotten confused and it was actually still June. That aside, there Read more

Monday Mixed Tape #20

Monday Mixed Tape #20featured

We took a little hiatus from the Monday Mixed Tape, mostly because we were looking for some solid tunes! Worry no more, it’s back and this is a big one! I’m leaving today for a 2 week trip to the USA so I’m calling this Mixed Tape the Travel Edition. You’ll notice a theme in Read more