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By my Bedside: Penny

By my Bedside: Pennyfeatured

This week Penny Demetriou from The Nourishing Space give us her must have hippie dippy bedside items. One: Little Kikki K journal I keep a little Kikki K journal beside my bed to jot down things I need to do or remember, so that my mind isn’t racing as I go to sleep! Some days I’ll do a Read more

15 UK Comedies You Should Already Be Watching

15 UK Comedies You Should Already Be Watchingfeatured

It’s getting colder, which means it’s knitting season. So that means a little bit of television to accompany me while I sit and make. Only, I haven’t watched free-to-air tv in a long time. In fact I prefer to just watch the shows I enjoy rather than sit through reality show after reality show of Read more

Monday Mixed Tape #09

Monday Mixed Tape #09featured

How is your Monday going? I hope it isn’t too painful and if it is, well here is something to make your afternoon that little bit more bearable. So boil the kettle, make yourself a nice cup of tea, plug in those head phones and have a listen to this collection of nineties and early Read more

Flower Focus: Freesia

Flower Focus: Freesiafeatured

You know it, I know it, We ALL KNOW IT! It’s the Freesia this week, and if you can conjure up memories of the first scents of spring this is probably what you’re smelling. There is a reason why this is a favourite among so many of us! The Freesia is a beautiful, delicate flower that Read more

Asian Style Spicy Chicken Salad

Asian Style Spicy Chicken Saladfeatured

I’m not sure about you, but this has been a week of chocolate, takeaway, home cooked feasts (thanks mum!) and a lil too much booze (oops, my bad!). So, to make up for that slash get us back to our normal food routine, I thought it was high time I shared with you my most favourite salad (I Read more

Memorial Paper Poppies

Memorial Paper Poppiesfeatured

Tomorrow is the day we commemorate and honour the fallen soldiers of WWI and WWII for ANZAC Day. So today we have a simple paper poppy tutorial for you to make. Materials Red Crepe Paper Black Tissue Paper 18 gauge Florist wire Florist tape PVA glue Scissors Method Cut a 15cm x 3cm strip of black tissue paper and Read more

DIY Upcycled Table

DIY Upcycled Tablefeatured

Introducing Ashlea Wheeler, a designer with some serious flair who is going to show you how to do a diy upcycle table with style! If you’re anything like me, you get a deep satisfaction when you get something great for free or cheap. This is what I refer to as a ‘side-of-the-road’ table. In other Read more

Out into the Galaxy

Out into the Galaxyfeatured

Spiritual meets space seems to be everywhere right now. And that’s a good thing. We are seeing sharply cut crystals weaved with bold bright colours, tie-dyes and printed nebulae. It’s not a brand new trend but it is gathering some serious traction (about time!) in the real world and not just on catwalks and blogs. Read more

Monday Mixed Tape #08

Monday Mixed Tape #08featured

Hopefully you all had a very relaxing, chocolate filled Easter! I know I sure did! So this Monday Mixed Tape is a little bit of chill and a whole lot of indie to get you where you need to be, whether it’s road tripping home or staying in bed to devour the remainder or your Read more